Monday, 5 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Here are my new year resolutions: 1. Since I'm visiting Sifu in Feb, I'm going to go on a crash diet for Jan so I'm as light and have lowest possible blood pressure, to get me through the training. Normally I'm really against crash diets. 2. Try to dress better. I've got a bad habit of "dressing for comfort", now that my weight is a bit more stable, I can start investing in good clothes and dressing as well as possible. This relates to my attempts to improve my shoe collection and shoe care regime, which has involved throwing away a lot of older clothes and shoes which were never going to look good again, and which were taking up a lot of space. 3. Try to write more letters by hand. This is a strange one, but I think it's nice to receive a handwritten letter, so I thought I would try and do that a bit more often going forward. 4. More regular salsa dancing. I've been a bit lax this year and my dance level has started going backwards, so I need to really focus on it this year.

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These are some interesting resolutions you have there. I especially relate to your resolution number 2, as I too need to work on my wardrobe.