Sunday, 25 November 2012

Trados Studio 2009 Adding Files to Desktop

When I use Trados Studio 2009 for my technical translation work, I find it has a certain "feature". Unless I'm missing something in the settings, I can't see a way around this.

My desktop before I create any files will only contain one single folder plus the recycle bin. I like to keep my desktop clean (unlike my real desktop - it would be better not to see a picture of that). When I get a new job under translation, I create a new folder on my desktop and keep all the files for it in there, that way I can't accidentally forget I've got a job on, because it's right on the desktop all the time, and it's easier to do backups that way as well.

So let's say I decide to create a new project to go in my new folder. We can call it "NEW PROJECT". I will open Trados Studio 2009 and go through the New Project wizard. Eventually I get to the following screen.

 So here, comes the problem. I'll click next to create the new project. I want it to go into my new folder called "NEW TECHNICAL" but before I can select, it gives me the following screen.

What happens here is that the computer will now recreate the folder from the previous project. It doens't give me a chance to click and change and say I want to use my new folder, but just re-creates the old one. I'll have to go in here and manually select my new project folder to move my files into there, but even if I do that, Trados will create my folder from my previous project.

It's okay if I'm still working on the previous project because it doesn't seem to do anything to the folder. But if that project has been finished, and I've archived my folder, it will create it again on my nice clean desktop. 

A quick manual delete seems to be the best solution, but it's not ideal!

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