Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I finally got fed up of constant cramps in my thumbs and decided to buy an ergonomic keyboard. I went to my local electronics store and there were precisely 3 keyboards available.

Of the three, the only one that seemed ergonomic at all was the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000. It cost 50GBP, but so far I'm fairly pleased apart from a couple of really amazing problems. It's almost unbelievable that these problems could happen.

The first is that the keyboard came with no install disk. This means the special keys didn't work (the F keys for example). I went to the Microsoft website and clicking through all I could find to download was a manual telling me to go to the same website! I did a search in Google and it took me directly to a page where I could download the driver directly. Having done so the special keys now work but that leads to problem 2. 

Problem 2 is that the F keys are different to the standard UK layout. I key I use a great deal is F2 for rename. When I'm moving files around, I keep cutting and pasting source file names and pasting them into the English names. Much to my amazement on this new "ergonomic!" keyboard F2 instead attempts to delete the file! Or if you've got the internet open it goes back a page. It's got a really handy little calculator button though which allows me to open the calculator at a press. A surprisingly useful little button when I'm doing my invoices.