Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Windows 7 SP1

So I've been having a lot of trouble installing Win 7 SP1. I would leave the update running and it got to 50% and then froze. I tried leaving it running over night twice, but on both occasions it didn't go anywhere.

I read all over the net but I couldn't find anyone else who was having a similiar problem. Most people were saying the update took about one hour rather than the 1/2 hour suggested by Microsoft but that it eventually worked fine.

I read round and round, until I came across something that might be interesting to translators. Apparatently, Windows 7 has trouble updating, if you have more than 20 language packs installed. I had a look and found I've got about 35 language packs, all the European languages, plus most of the Asian and quite a few of the African languages. As a translator I figured it was better to have them and not use them, than need them but not have them.

However, I suppose I'm unlikely ever to have to deal with languages like Thai, Hebrew, Turkish and so on, so I selected about 15 languages to remove from the system. Firstly I was amazed that doing that saved a whole 1.6GB of my hard drive memory. Secondly, I'm amazed how slow the process is, with each langauge taking a good 5 minutes.

As a technical translator I'm not all that worried about having less language packs on my computer, but what about for translation PM's? They need to work with potentially hundreds of different languages, so what are they supposed to do about this problem?

Anyway, if you're having a problem with Windows Update, this could be the reason.

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