Sunday, 26 September 2010

Gmail Going Backwards?

I thought I was going crazy about this gmail "feature". When I look at my inbox, it shows one line per conversation, with each conversation showing a sentence from the most recent mail in that conversation. So I would scan down and see lots of "OK thanks please send your invoice", or "this was the wrong file, please re-send" or something like that.

Suddenly from a couple of weeks ago, the sentences now come from the original first mail in the conversation and nearly always say "David could you do this job please" so I keep having to open all the conversations.

I thought I was going crazy and nothing had actually changed, I'd had some strange dream where gmail was totally logical. Maybe it was some kind of strange trauma because they've cancelled Google Wave. But then I found quite a few discussions on line talking about the same thing:

Basically this new way of doing it sucks! When you've got conversations going back with 20 or 30 mails, seeing the original mail is not the least bit helpful. I wonder if they are trying to get us to spend more time creating folders rather than just scanning to see what we need to deal with or (CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT) they are doing it to try and get us all to use the Priority Inbox function (which is a great thing by the way, but I don't really see the point, a bit like Wave really).

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