Monday, 5 July 2010

Titles Last

When I started translating a friend suggested that I translate the main body of a paragraph first, before translating the title. That's because titles are usually shortened, and it will be easier to translate when you've read through and understood the main paragraph.

It has become second nature to me now to skip through the titles, section headings, paragraph headings and stuff like that, and jump straight onto the main text. I was translating a document last week where I had totally misunderstood the title. It was only when I'd translated the actual text, that I could go back and change the title, where I had misunderstood what the writer meant.

It always reminds me of the sentence "man eating chicken". It would be a good idea to read on and look at whether or not the following sections talks about a giant chicken, or a man sitting in Nando's before deciding how to translate the title. I've also noticed a lot of people get stuck and discouraged on the titles or section headings when they don't really need to.

So that may be some great advice.

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