Friday, 23 April 2010

TO3000 verus Excel

There's nothing I love more than using technology to save time. I just find that when I use Trados or Dejavu or whatever for my translation work, it really doens't save much time at all. The reason is that I've never done a big enough document in one go that was repetitive enough for them to really become useful. The only advantage to owning them from my perspective is that from time to time some of my clients do ask that I use those formats, so I have to be able to use it.

I've just downloaded a free trial of a program called TO3000. It's basically a piece of software which helps with invoicing, and handling payments etc from clients. My current solution is to use excel along with a few macros of my own. The question is can TO3000 actually speed up my work. I'm playing with it at the moment, but my feeling is that it won't save me much time at all.

I just think that with the rather low volumes of work that I tend to get, there isn't really any technology that will save me much time. Maybe if I was starting out from scratch the software would have been really useful. The first few invoices I created took me ages to do, but then when I'd done them I basically just cut and paste and invoices take me seconds. Maybe I could have saved a lot of time in the begining.

If the software cost around 40-50GBP maybe it would be worthwhile, but for more than 150GBP I just don't think it will pay for itself. I'm still in the process of looking through the software and I'll post a better review when I've done so.

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