Thursday, 11 February 2010

Trados Studio

Hi guys,

Some people may be interested in using Trados Studio. It's the new "version" of Trados workbench. Basically a powerful translation tool. I suspect that any professional translators either know of it, or use it.

Trados Studio is a new system, a bit like Windows 7 to Workbench's Windows Vista.

At the moment a lot of people are undecided whether or not it's worth the investment. For me personally I have to say no, because I don't get anything like the volume of work needed for it to pay for itself. It's easily possible for me to do all my jobs slowly and carefully without any CAT tools unless otherwise requested by the client.

So if you are considering Studio there's a nice little blog out there:

It's a guy who is trying to get used to using Trados Studio and blogging his findings as he does so. You may wish to check it out!

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