Thursday, 14 January 2010

Translation Dictionary Review Converter

Another quick review of a translation resource. This is called the "English to Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Chinese to English Converter Software" produced by

I've tried to use it a few times, but I've generally not liked it very much. It may be more appropriate for people who need longer strings translated, but then I would then prefer to use something like google translate or babelfish.

The software opens as a window in Microsoft and allows you to enter a great big string of text; it also allows you to load text from a text file. Once it's open you enter your text into the box and click translate and it translates it for you.

I guess the main advantage is that it's possible to translate a big string at once rather than having to enter one word at a time. The main problem from my perspective is that as a freelance technical translator I never really need long strings translated in that way. I just need to look up little terms from time to time.

The most annoying thing about it by far is that it has a really annoying pop up box telling you to click here and have license emailed to you. It also pops up over other windows when it's open, so for example as I'm writing this review with it open in another window the pop up is covering part of my screen! I find that extremely annoying and for that reason I've hardly ever used this software.

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