Friday, 29 January 2010

A Nice Little Application

When translating, I'm always having to save things here and there, and backup stuff here and there and download this and that.

I found a little app that's incredibly small and does something which sounds totally pointless but is actually pretty nice. When you click save in XP (and Visa) you get a selection popup asking which folder you want to save to. Now one thing I always have to do is navigate backwards and forwards in this folder looking for my directory. Sometimes I save drafts in a different location to originals for example so I have to go up and down directories.

On the left hand side of that little save prompt that pops up the computer gives a couple of default locations. I think it gives "My computer", "Desktop", "C:/" or something along those lines. With this little application The Places Bar Tweaker from isoIsland you can edit the folders that appear on the left hand side. So now I've got three links to my most commonly used translation folders.

Effectively it's totally cut down on the time I need to spend going up and down while saving documents. In all honesty it probably doens't save that much time, but its nice to be able to do it without all that trouble and makes the day a bit more pleasant.

So if you need it why not google isoIsland or Place Bar Tweaker and see if you can find it. It's really really tiny and very friendly.

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