Sunday, 27 September 2009

Academic Degree Certificate

There have been a tonne of academic degrees to translate recently. Over the past few weeks, most of my major clients have sent me at least one of two to translate.

Actually they are pretty easy to do once there's a template, and I'm thinking I could write a small software programme to actually translate them for me. So it would say "enter the date of birth stated on the certifiate", "enter the name of the university" and so on, then could produce a translated document based on that. There are quite a few different factors to take into account but it's definately doable. The question is whether the amount of time used in the programming would be made up with the translations.

I find the most time consuming things are translating the names of the universities (because I always have to check the offiical english name), and checking the president of the university who signs the certificate.

I guess I would just write something small to do it in something like access or maybe VBA or something like that? I could even programme it to produce my invoices etc.

Sounds like an interesting project when I've got some free time.