Sunday, 10 August 2008

Translation Software

I personally think that Trados made by SDL ( is the best translation technology available. I'm trying to get used to OmegaT, which is a freeware version of Trados with quite a growing support base, but I'm just too used to using Trados.

But for both I find the same problem: support for Chinese to English isn't great.

I spoke to a Taiwanese translator, and he explained that he couldn't use Trados because it doesn't support using a Chinese interface, and he is a Japanese to Chinese translator and thus doesn't speak English.

That's not a big problem for me, because I'm quite happy with the English interface.

Generally speaking Trados seems to be extremely buggy when used with Chinese source texts. In addition to crashing for no good reason whenever it wants to, certain versions of Multiterm are unable to read Chinese characters (unless your default language is set to Chinese), and the alignment tool is not very useful since a single Chinese sentence rarely corresponds to a single English sentence.

There would be a whole range of features that would be useful for a Chinese to English translation tool, and in future posts I will talk about them.

Again, the opportunities for creating good quality tools for Chinese to English technical translation are massive.


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