Thursday, 15 January 2015

To Do Lists

Sometimes the most simple solution is also the best solution. I've been experimenting with various ways of keeping track of the tasks I've got on hand. I've now settled on a Hoshin action item register for big things the company needs to do. For the smaller things which take less than 15 minutes, I just write them on my notepad (which is always under my desk with the pen next to it, I'm not allowed to move the pen). I then cross the items out when they are done. I have a rule that I'm not allowed to draw any doodles or anything, the notepad is just for things to do. So far the system is working out really well. Short but simple, it's worth a try. David

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Here are my new year resolutions: 1. Since I'm visiting Sifu in Feb, I'm going to go on a crash diet for Jan so I'm as light and have lowest possible blood pressure, to get me through the training. Normally I'm really against crash diets. 2. Try to dress better. I've got a bad habit of "dressing for comfort", now that my weight is a bit more stable, I can start investing in good clothes and dressing as well as possible. This relates to my attempts to improve my shoe collection and shoe care regime, which has involved throwing away a lot of older clothes and shoes which were never going to look good again, and which were taking up a lot of space. 3. Try to write more letters by hand. This is a strange one, but I think it's nice to receive a handwritten letter, so I thought I would try and do that a bit more often going forward. 4. More regular salsa dancing. I've been a bit lax this year and my dance level has started going backwards, so I need to really focus on it this year.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy xmas

Just a quick letter to say Happy Xmas to all my readers and followers. Hope you have a good one. So far I've been very good in the past few weeks, I've been eating better than I do normally, and I've been trying to keep a good schedule of things to do over the next few days. Hope you have a great xmas. David

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


We've decided to re-direct our translation company, so that we spend more time and resources on sales, and less on other things. We expect to change the entire culture of the company, from supporting and producing the good work (which we have now internalized) to focusing on getting more clients through the door. Hopefully this change won't be too traumatic for us and we'll adapt and grow.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Growth Accelerator

I've joined a government run scheme called the "Growth Accelerator". The idea of the scheme is to help smaller, newer business like mine develop and grow. After some qualifying questions, I was able to join the scheme. The first step was to select a "mentor" who will help me guide the business over the coming weeks. I had my first meeting with my new mentor yesterday. We talked about my vision for the company, and my idea of what we can offer to our clients. We also discussed different ways of presenting ourselves to our clients and target market. Overall, so far the experience has been good. I'll keep posting here as things develop! David

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Visit to Syon Park

It's getting close to Christmas, so I decided to visit the Christmas gardens at Syon Park. They have lit the park nicely, with many hidden light shows, music, and other effects scattered around the 1.5 mile route.

It was a bit cold, but the walk was pleasant, and I certainly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Flying versus Eurostar

I just got back from a nice long weekend in Paris. It was lovely to see the market on the Champs-Élysées. While I was there I took the chance to get myself a nice new coat in the Lafayette store. Enjoyed good food and good drink while I was there.

I went with my girlfriend by Eurostar and I was thinking about which I prefer, flying or trains.

The obvious benefit of trains is that it goes right from the middle of London to the middle of Paris, and it's quite pleasant journey, with relatively little hassle boarding. Heathrow is quite convenient for me, but it's still a bit of a pain to get to the airport, and boarding the plane is a hassle.

The disadvantage of the train I suppose is the timing, but honestly, the door to door journey wasn't much long than for a flight. Perhaps further than France would be more expensive. However, for Paris or Brussels, give me the Eurostar anyday.